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Be Your Own Body Work Guy

Some serious dents in your vehicle’s sheet metal can only be addresed by a professional paint and body guy. Or maybe that’s not the case, and you can be that guy for under $40? I’ve got this Super Buy 13 Piece Dent Puller with Slide Hammer and I use it all the time on my old truck. It’s a good set to have for pulling minor, or even larger uncomplicated dents from the sheet metal on a vehicle. When I say minor or uncomplicated, I mean serious dents.

I am by no means someone who knows very much at all about repairing serious damage. If you have an old vehicle that you’re not concerned about it being perfect, this set is ideal. I have an old beat up truck that I just want to straighten out, clean up the surface rust a bit, then spray it with some clear coat to preserve the “old beat up truck” patina and be able to drive it around now and then.

It’s a pretty simple tool to use. Just drill a hole where you think you want to pull your dent out from, screw the appropriate size attachment onto the slide hammer, then screw it into the hole you drilled and yank away. Pretty straight forward (yes, pun intended!)

The practicality of buying this tool set is based on how much work you want to do yourself, how perfect you want the vehicle to look, and/or whether you want to and can afford to take your vehicle to a professional. This works well for the novice person, just be sure that if you are not a professional, do not expect a professional looking outcome.

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Joe Anderson
Lifelong Shade Tree Mechanic, Grease Monkey, Gear Head, Knuckle Buster. Loves bringing old, dead, forgotten treasures back to life.
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