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Best Way To Creep Under Your Vehicle

Have you ever crawled under a vehicle on your back on the cold, dirty concrete? Maybe to remove your oil filter or just to check for a leak? It is not the most comfortable situation, is it? I have a Whiteside MTLV6 40” Creeper that is just the ticket. Lyingon a padded creeper that gives you mobility is just what the doctor ordered, so to speak.

I use this creeper quite often. I’m no spring chicken, so everything I can do to save myself unnecessary aches and pains is an important goal for me. Back in the day when I didn’t have a smooth surface to park a vehicle on, I did enough crawling around on dirt, gravel, a tarp, or an old piece of cardboard to last me a lifetime.

All you have to do to use this strong little creeper is get your vehicle raised high enough to slide underneath. I never, ever get under any vehicle that is just on a jack alone. I always, without fail, secure the vehicle on jacks stands for safety reasons. If you don’t have jack stands, you can use good wooden blocks. Anything to keep the car or truck from falling on you if the jack happens to fail.

This particular creeper also has an adjustable headrest for optimum comfort while lying on your back. The only issue that you may run into, and this rings true for most any model of creeper you may be using, is that the wheels or casters aren’t real large and small little obstacles on the concrete might hang you up. Just make sure your floor area is swept first and free of debris. Overall, I am very happy with sliding around on this guy.

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Joe Anderson
Lifelong Shade Tree Mechanic, Grease Monkey, Gear Head, Knuckle Buster. Loves bringing old, dead, forgotten treasures back to life.
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