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Bluetooth Solution For Older Head Units

I have a 2005 F-150, and I upgraded my stock stereo to an Alpine IVA-W505 in 2008. Time is not technology’s friend, so even while that Alpine head unit has support for Bluetooth when it comes to phone calls (and it does so poorly, by the way), it does not do so for streaming audio from your phone. It does include two old school iPod 30-pin connectors, which worked back when I had an iPhone that had one. Technology improved, Apple moved from the antiquated 30-pin connector to a Lightning connector, and that just meant I had to have an adapter to make it work. But still, I wanted wireless. Just like most vehicles these days.

So I wondered if anyone had made a Bluetooth wireless adapter for those old 30-pin Apple connectors. A quick search on Amazon revealed this Wireless Bluetooth Music Interface Adapter for in Car iPod Integration. I bought it in May of 2015. Flash forward to present day (February, 2018) and it is still working like a charm. I paid $89 for it then, and now it’s $88. I’m actually a little shocked the price hasn’t come down in nearly 3 year’s time. Very unusual for small electronic devices like this.

What I wanted was to be able to get into my truck, stick my phone to my magnetic mount on my dash, and once my stereo turned on, music would start streaming from my phone. No wires. No plugging in my phone. Or even better, keep my phone in my pocket. Music to my ears. Well, it has worked for the past 3 years, and that’s why I recommend it.

The only cons are that it’s a bit pricy for a small 1.5″ square plastic dongle, and that every once in a while (once a month) my Alpine head unit reports “ERROR” and I have to unplug it from the 30 pin connector, and then re-connect it. Not a big deal, since I keep the cable between the seat bottoms up front. It reconnects right away.

Once you first install it, you have to connect it to the Bluetooth “Tune2Air” device. That’s it! Start playing music on your phone or device and you’re good to go. Yes, it works with iPhone, but will also work with Android phones, iPads, iPod Touch, etc. Anything that supports Airplay or A2DP Bluetooth music streaming protocol. And on that note, why restrict your music playing or podcasts to only what’s on your phone? Streaming music services work great, too.

This is honestly an $89 investment that I have enjoyed for nearly 3 years now and I take it for granted every time I hop in my truck and go for a drive. I don’t miss the days of having to connect a cable, and “it just works”. If you’ve got a similar outdated stereo in your vehicle and want to upgrade to wireless Bluetooth music streaming from your device, I highly recommend this one.

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