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Dead Battery? Rescue A Friend In Need

I had just parked in the lot of one of our local grocery stores. As I headed inside, I heard a voice say, “excuse me sir”. I turned to see who it was. It was a young man wearing a Dodgers baseball hat and he ask me if I had any jumper cables. He said he had driven his Grandpa to the store for some groceries and left his lights on in his old truck and ran the battery down. I said “well, I don’t have any cables but I’ll get you going”.

He looked puzzled as I opened my trunk and grabbed my jump starter. I have a Black and Decker J312B 300 amp Jump Starter. I always have it with me just for these types of situations. We got to his truck, I clamped the jumper on his battery and turned it on as he watched, and told him to hop in and give it a try. The old beat up Chevy step side fired right up. I turned off the jumper, unclamped it and shut the hood. The kid was grinning ear to ear. The old fella in the passenger seat was rolling down his window as he waved me over. He started to hand me some cash and I told him “no sir, just glad I could help”. He and the kid both smiled and thanked me and I walk on back to my car.

This jumper works really well and even has a USB port and a plug in like the lighter in a car for charging phones or other devices. It’s very powerful, lightweight, easy to use, and will usually be good for 4 or 5 jumps without a recharge unless you run into a vehicle that’s extremely hard to start. It charges fully overnight and I am very happy with the way it performs.

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