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Don’t Get Stuck With A Dead Battery

This is a Schumacher SP3 3 Amp Battery Extender / Maintainer. If you have a vehicle that is not charging properly or possibly an RV or other vehicle that you only use occasionally, this is an ideal item to have. You can easily connect it to your battery and it will (assuming your battery is good) give you a full charge overnight, as well as maintaining the charge over a longer period of time.

I bought this charger because I was working on an old Ford vehicle that was having a charging issue, and I wanted to keep the battery at an optimum charge while I figured out the troublesome issue of why the car wasn’t maintaining a proper charge. Having a battery charger around is also good policy because it can be used on equipment other than cars, such as lawn equipment, etc.

It is very easy to use, lightweight, and has its own mind, so to speak, because it will charge both 6 volt and 12 volt applications without changing any settings. The internal “brain” reads the source and automatically charges at the required voltage. Great for the novice grease monkey so that no mistakes will be made. Just attach the red clip on positive, the black clip on negative, plug her in, and there you go. No settings or switches to worry about. In my opinion, there is nothing negative (no pun intended) to say about this item. Works just as it was intended for.

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Joe Anderson
Lifelong Shade Tree Mechanic, Grease Monkey, Gear Head, Knuckle Buster. Loves bringing old, dead, forgotten treasures back to life.
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