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Dust Your Duster With This Duster, Dusty

While most car enthusiasts enjoy washing their cars, there are times when it just isn’t convenient to get out a bucket and soap. That’s where car dusters shine!

I remember seeing California Car Dusters back when I first started going to cruise nights in high school. All of the old guys with the nice cars would open up their car’s trunk, grab a duster, and dust their entire car in just a few minutes. So when I was looking to buy a car duster, the choice was easy.

The California Car Duster has a handle long enough to reach across most roofs, and the big dusting head means that you can get the car dusted quickly. Plus, on low cars you won’t have to bend down so far to get the bottom part of the car.

You’ll still need to get the bucket out and give it a real wash every now and then, but now there’s no excuse for a dusty car. Be sure to keep the storage bag — you don’t want the duster gathering dust while it’s waiting to dust your sweet 71 Duster. For under $20, this is a must-have for your trunk detail kit.

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Andrew Galvan
Muscle Cars, Dirt Bikes, and Gadgets. Apprentice Shade Tree Mechanic. Restoring his 1970 Challenger R/T with his son and daughter.
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