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Full Featured Dash Cam For Under $50

Dash cams have been around for years, popularized by those crazy Russian drivers. The viral videos caught by them around the world have provided quite a lot of entertainment. But there’s also a sense of security, capturing others for the inevitable accident when it comes down to your words vs. theirs. A security camera doesn’t lie.

I own a few of YI’s home security cameras, so when I searched for a dash cam and found they made one, then saw the price, I was intrigued. I compared features and prices of the YI 1080 Dash Cam to other dash cams and decided to try it out. I’ve never had a dash cam before, so I was curious about having one. The price was $48 and I’m sure the price will continue to come down, as that’s what typically happens with these gadgets, especially when there’s a lot of competition. The dash cam market is extremely competitive.

The features of this dash cam are a bit overwhelming. It offers 1080p HD maximum resolution at 60 FPS (frames per second). That’s great clarity and a lot of frames to capture any moment, especially in slow-motion. It has a 165 degree wide angle lens, which is perfect–not too much for what it needs to capture in front of you. It includes a built in 2.7″ LCD screen, a suction cup mount, a 12V cigarette lighter adapter, and a long cable so you can snake it around inside your vehicle to wire it up like I did. It has a built-in mic, too, so it will capture audio. I disabled this feature, however, as I personally found it unnecessary to record audio. It also has an internal battery, which allows it to record events even after you’ve turned your vehicle off.

In the “things I didn’t care for” category, there are two. The first, is it doesn’t come with a memory card, so I recommend you pick up a 64GB Class10 MicroSD card as well. While the cam treats the memory card like a DVR, where it overwrites the oldest file to make room for a new one, it’s best to have at least a 32GB or 64GB card. One advertised feature it has is a lane departure warning (audible signal). I was skeptical about this, and found it didn’t work well so I turned it off (which is fine, because I didn’t want it anyway). Other than that, I’ve been hopping into my truck for the past few months, noticing it running like a champ as soon as I turn my key, automatically recording.

Since this category or products changes so often, I highly recommend you just search Amazon periodically for “dash cam” to see what’s available. This one in particular, at the time of this review, has a 4.5 star average rating with 2,128 reviews. That’s saying a lot for a gadget like this. And I, for one, recommend it as well. The video quality is excellent, even at night time. I’ve included a video below the photo gallery of my truck rolling into a CostCo parking lot. It’s been downgraded from the 1080p video off the card to 720p, and has no audio. Enjoy the show!


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