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Get Your Toolbox Organized For Under $5

What’s in your drawer? Looking into a car enthusiast’s toolbox can be a very intimate thing. Open a few drawers and you’ll quickly build a profile of their entire personality. Metric or standard in the top drawer? How many 10mm or 9/16 wrenches do they have?

Until recently, my toolbox was a mess — particularly my wrenches. Never-mind metric/standard, the entire operation was a disaster. It was time for a change. When I finally had enough, I looked to Amazon for help. Lucky for me, I came across the Ernst Manufacturing Wrench Organizers. These are dead simple organizers for just $5. Arrange them from small to big and you’re good. I picked up 2 — one in red, and one in black.

For the most part, my assorted wrenches fit in just fine. There were the oddballs that were too short to fit in their slot, but most of them fit in as expected. One other note: the wrenches don’t ‘snap’ into place, but just kind of sit there. Not really a big deal since they sit pretty securely; but some people might be looking for that snap. They have pre-drilled mounting points to hook them on a pegboard or wall, and the notches for each wrench are deep enough to hold them securely if you’re mounting them vertically. In addition, they’re shallow enough to fit in most toolbox drawers, and feel sturdy enough to withstand the normal abuse.

When you get down to it, we’re all going to find ourselves under the car, asking a non car person for a wrench. And at that moment, when the hot oil is running down your arm, don’t you want that person to be able to find the 9/16 wrench right away? So get your toolbox in order, and save your skin.

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Andrew Galvan
Muscle Cars, Dirt Bikes, and Gadgets. Apprentice Shade Tree Mechanic. Restoring his 1970 Challenger R/T with his son and daughter.
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