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LED Headlights For Your Jeep Under $100

As we all know, the factory lights for the Jeep JK are not very bright. I was on a quest to find a budget friendly set of LED headlights that still looked as though they could of been a factory option and that did not break the bank. I had stumbled across these Opar 7″ round LED headlights on Amazon one day and instantly fell in love with the black housing and the over all look of them. And for the price they were almost to hard not to pass up on.

Once they arrived I installed them in a few minutes in my driveway. After removing the grill, use a Torx T-15 to remove the four screws holding the headlight bezel on, pull the old headlight out, and then insert your new headlight. Once you button everything back up, I recommend making sure the headlights are adjusted correctly so you do not blind oncoming traffic because these lights are a lot brighter than the dim factory ones.

I was very impressed with these lights right out of the box. For the money they made a huge difference in being able to light up the dark country roads that I am used to driving on. I do recommend that you buy the anti-flicker harness too, as it will make a huge difference on the performance of these lights.

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