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No More Junk in the Trunk

There are a lot of things you learn after you’ve had your first child. Diapers, feeding, functioning on no sleep. But the biggest one for me was the shear amount of stuff required to support a tiny human away from home. After a couple of outings, your car’s trunk becomes a disaster… a mobile junk drawer.

Ok, this may be just my own experience but by the second kid, the car needed serious help. I found the AndyGo Rear Cargo Trunk Storage Organizer Net and promised the wife that all of her troubles were over. Installation is as easy as finding 4 points to attach the netting. My wife drives a Kia Optima and I opened up the brake light access panels to hook the upper points there. You might want to take a peak in your car just to make sure there are anchor points you can use.

With the organizer net in place, it’s easy to keep things separate for quick access. Groceries, jackets, or in my wife’s case, yoga mats are kept front and center. And for less than $9, it’s a no brainer. Here’s my final tip: make a big deal about the installation if you’re installing it for someone else. Tell them it’ll be a at least an hour. In the hot sun. Uphill. Both ways. That should put some points in the bank for you.

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Andrew Galvan
Muscle Cars, Dirt Bikes, and Gadgets. Apprentice Shade Tree Mechanic. Restoring his 1970 Challenger R/T with his son and daughter.
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