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Parts Cleaner In A One Gallon Can

Do you have a need to clean those nasty small car parts and components of carburetors on gasoline engines? The Berryman Chem-Dip Carburetor Cleaner has been in existence for decades and I have been using it as far back as I can remember. It works great for those things, and many others as well.

This cleaner is also available in an aerosol spray can, but for this particular purpose, I’m using the one gallon can that comes with a nice little basket inside that has a handle. I am rebuilding an old 2 barrel carb from a 318 engine that hasn’t been fired up in eons. The carb is all gummed up with old stinky gas and before I put a new carb kit in it, it needs to cleaned up and gunk free. This carb is small enough that once it is disassembled, the whole thing will fit in the gallon can. Once you have taken it apart, with the basket sitting on your bench, just put all your parts in the basket, then into the can to let it soak. Unless I am in a hurry, I just let it all soak overnight for the optimum cleaning results.

Once they’ve all soaked overnight, any residue left on your parts can be easily removed with a soft wire brush or a rag. Once the parts are all grime free, you are ready to reassemble your carburetor with the new rebuild kit. I have used this product to clean brake parts, small engine carbs, just about any metal that has a stubborn build up of grime or gunk can be cleaned with this product. The old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, applies to this Berryman cleaner. I’ve used it for over 40 years and never felt the need to look for something that does a better job.

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Joe Anderson
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