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Remove Tough Bolts With This Air Impact Wrench

I just got a new Ingersoll Rand Super Duty Air Impact ½” Drive Wrench (boy that’s quite a mouthful! LOL) This is a great tool that is used in conjunction with an air compressor to remove nuts and bolts very quickly. When applicable, it is much easier to use than a socket with a simple hand ratchet.

I had another Ingersoll Rand (most gear heads refer to Ingersoll Rand as “Ingi”) air wrench for at least 20 years before it finally wore out, and I used it a lot. I am working on an old 1958 Dodge Power Wagon (the one in my profile pic) and getting the big lug nuts off a vehicle that has been sitting out in the elements for years can be quite a chore.

A few days before I figured I’d be trying to break them loose, I sprayed the wheel studs daily with a good penetrating lubricant. I got the old truck in the shop and used a wire wheel on a cordless drill to remove all the rust I could from the studs. Normally, I would try and break something like this loose with a breaker bar first, but I figured I’d give it a shot with the air wrench first. The Ingi has a torque adjustment control, so I set it at max torque and went to work. This awesome wrench broke each of the 24 lug nuts loose and spun them off like butter. I was very happy, not to mention quite impressed.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this wrench. If it lasts only half as long as my first one did, I will be very pleased. As a footnote, (some more experienced grease monkeys will know this and some will not) on the older Dodge and Chrysler vehicles, the driver side lug nuts loosen by turning them to the right instead of like the passenger side which loosens in the normal left hand way. The old saying “righty tighty, lefty loosey” is only half true here. I’m not sure what year they stopped doing this (I’m thinking it was the mid 60’s), so if you’re not sure about your particular vehicle, check online to make sure you aren’t wearing yourself out trying to loosen the lug nuts in the wrong direction.

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