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Shine Your Tires Without The Mess

Your rims are clean and shiny, but your tires look–well–not so great. They can be a pain to keep from looking nice, and some products are just downright messy to apply. Here’s a solution for this problem, the Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel. It comes in an 18 ounce bottle that reminds me of those downward facing ketchup bottles you can buy at the grocery store.

It comes with a gel control applicator, resulting in no messy overspray. The advanced formula is engineered for an extraordinary result, and it just works great. That black shine will last for weeks, and looks awesome. This tire shine gel protects against harmful elements that cause cracking and fading, too.

It is very easy to use and the rims stay clean for longer than I expected. Before using the tire gel, clean and dry your tires and wheels. Then apply the gel with the sponge applicator on the tire, which is included. For under $7, this is a great bargain. This is also one of the best I have tested, yielding perfect results for that shine you have been looking for.

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