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The Jack Needed For Transmission Work

The Torin Big Red Transmission Floor Jack is a fantastic tool to remove or install a transmission on a non-commercial vehicle. It is telescoping, hydraulic, and has a 1,000 pound (1/2 ton) weight capacity so it’s strong enough to do the job on most cars and pickup trucks. There is only one requirement, however. The vehicle must be up on a lift.

If you have or know someone who has a vehicle lift, like one you would see at a tire or mechanic shop, then you are good to go with this jack. Fortunately for me, my brother-in-law has a nice lift in his home shop building, available for me to use when I have the need. If you have ever been on your back trying to figure out how to get a tranny out with a floor jack, then when I say this is the only way to go, you know exactly what I mean. This makes the job so much easier and with much less wear and tear on your body.

This jack has every angle adjustment you need, plus a great safety chain setup so you don’t run the chance of your tranny falling on the floor, or worse yet, your head. First you’ll want to remove the bolts out that attach the tranny to the engine. Then get the jack in place under the tranny, and chain it up with the safety chain. Remove the driveshaft, the rear tranny mount, and cross member, then you’re ready to rock and roll. This explanation is condensed, of course, and for a vehicle that has rear wheel drive. For 4 wheel drive or front wheel drive vehicles, the process is different and a little more difficult, but the general concept is similar.

This is the only jack of this kind that I have ever used, so I have no other brand to compare it to. I will say however, if by some means it ever came up missing, I would replace it with the exact same one. That should tell you that I am very happy with how this one performs.

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