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These Mechanic Gloves Get You The Corner Office

When I first started working on cars, I saw the grimy hands as a kind of badge of honor. I looked like I had been soaking in oil, but it was cool, right? Once I got started in my career, I became a little more self conscious about the greasy looking hands while sitting in meetings with senior staff. Kind of hard to play the corporate game looking like that, so eventually I started wearing gloves while wrenching and I was promoted to CEO of everything within a year.

Ok maybe not CEO, but it’s been nice not getting trans fluid on my lunches during the weekend wrench sessions. After having a pair of the big name brand mechanics glove tear for no reason, I decided to poke around on good old Amazon one day and found the Vgo High Dexterity Light Duty Mechanic Gloves. At less than $15 for a 3 pack, I figured I’d give them a shot.

I had a change to use these gloves this weekend while working on my Challenger and was really happy with them. They have a couple really cool features: a soft terry cloth on the back of the thumbs to wipe off your face, and a touch screen friendly finger tip on the pointer finger and thumb. To be fair, it didn’t always work for entering passwords on unlock screens, but I could reliably click around without taking the glove off. Nice feature when you’re trying to grab pictures so you can remember how to put things back together.

Size wise, they don’t have a velcro back, so you’ll need to pay attention to what you order. My hands run on the smaller size, but are kind of thick. I went with the large size, and while a little snug putting them on, they fit great without a bunch of extra material to numb up your touch.

Since my Challenger isn’t quite running yet, I haven’t had a chance to see how they handle heat, but they seem insulated enough to handle warm spark plug changes. Now I’m not saying that wearing gloves while working on your ride will get you to the corner office at work. But, it would definitely come in handy when changing out toner cartridges.

Pick up a set here:

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Andrew Galvan
Muscle Cars, Dirt Bikes, and Gadgets. Apprentice Shade Tree Mechanic. Restoring his 1970 Challenger R/T with his son and daughter.
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