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Upgrade Your Headlights To LED For Under $50

After driving my wife’s new car one night, I realized my old truck could use a headlight upgrade. So when I got home, I jumped online and began my search for a brighter LED bulb. What I found was there are a lot of companies out there offering many different styles, color temperatures, and prices. I found bulbs ranging in price from $13 to well over $100. After some research and price comparisons, I found my new bulbs.

VoRock8 is the company that I decided to go with. Although I’ve never heard of them before, I’ve had pretty good luck with some “off brand” companies before. I decided to give them a shot. The one I went with was the R1 CSP Seoul H13 9008 800LM LED Headlight Conversion Kit. It features a fan-less cooling design with a new and improved heat dissipation design that allows air to flow through the attached heat sinks and dissipate into the surrounding air. They are fully water and dust proof, too.

The light output is 8,000 lumens, and I chose the 6,500k white color temperature. At $45, this was the least expensive dual hi and low beam kit I found and the one that looked well made. Installation of the kit was like replacing the old halogen bulbs. Just twist them into the headlight housing and plug them in. No modifications of the headlight housing needed, and no extra ballast boxes to mount. Just plug and play!

These lights are awesome! Not only do they do a great job of lighting up the road ahead, they also give you more light off to the side of the vehicle as well. Living out in the sticks here in Oklahoma, there seems to always be some critter in the ditch or treeline just waiting to run out in front of you. I’ve had these lights installed for about a year, and even after driving through dirt, ice, mud, and even monsoon type rains, they still perform the way they did when I first installed them.

While these are H13 bulbs for my 2004 Ford F-150 and many other vehicles, if you’re looking for a different bulb, search for a LED headlight bulb for your year, make and model.

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