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Wax Paste For Dark Or Light Colored Paint

Do you miss the shiny gloss on the paint of your car? There are a lot of waxes out there, but this is an interesting one that I found that is made specifically for your vehicle, depending on whether your paint is dark, or light colored. It’s called Meguar’s Wax Paste and is available in a 7 ounce tube, in two color options: black or white.

This wax is very easy to use with the included hand applicator. As with any wax, you do not want to use this in direct sunlight. It is designed to make your paint shine with help of its polishing oils, to deliver a show car finish. It adds gloss while you wax for incredible depth. Even though it’s specifically made for light or dark colored paint, it does not have any dyes or colorants.

Small scratches are gone, your paint will look like a brand new car, and it will be protected for weeks. I keep a tube in my trunk at all times. In my opinion, it’s the best choice for a perfect show and shine look, and it’s only $13 for a little bit magic.

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