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Wrenches: You Can Never Have Enough

Wrenches: no matter how many you have, you always need more. That’s exactly where I found myself a while back when it came time to change the bushings in my Grand Cherokee’s track bar. I’ve never enjoyed death wobble, so I decided to fix that immediately.

While I’ve got a decent collection of wrenches, I didn’t have very many of the larger metric sizes, but I found these Tekton 15mm wrenches on Amazon and ordered them. The first thing you notice is how nice and shiny they look and how comfortable they are to grip. In fact, they feel so nice, it’s almost a shame to use them with gloves.

I ordered the regular length wrench as well as the stubby version to make sure that I could move those hard to reach bolts. We’ve all found ourselves seriously thinking about cutting a wrench in half to reach a bolt, but with the stubby wrench, you won’t have to.

I’ve had these for about a year now, and they’ve held up extremely well. Never rounded any bolt heads and have only minor scuffs on the finish from sliding on the driveway or garage floor. The closed end has a nice angle that makes it easy to put on a bolt. Any time I’m working on a larger metric bolt, I secretly hope that it’s a 15mm. Maybe I should go ahead and order a 10mm version now…

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Andrew Galvan
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